International Gospel Hour broadcasts by

V. E. Howard

“Are you listening?”

The Gospel Hour Quartet

A lost man found (The prodigal son)

What must I do to be saved?

By what means are we saved?

Man lives by every word of God

What is the Bible?

Why not speak like the Bible speaks?

Why be a Christian only?

The model church

The bride's attire

The Christian's hope

Life and death

Two builders

Building for eternity

Justification by faith

The witness of the blood

Are faith and baptism essential to salvation?

The thief on the cross

Heartfelt religion

Is there really a place called heaven?

Heaven the home of the soul

Christ the Rock of Ages

Christ the Prince of Peace

Christ the Advocate

To whom shall we go?

The misunderstood Christ

Sin and salvation

Fundamental questions about salvation

Finding forgiveness of sins

Is your religion from God or man?

By whose authority?

Attitudes toward religious error

Mechanical instruments of music in worship

Be not deceived: Is it recreation or dissipation?

The importance of sound doctrine

Return to the old paths

Is the church of Christ a denomination?

Where will you spend eternity?

Speaking the truth in love

The word of the Lord is piercing

Shall we continue in sin that grace may abound?

The scriptures and the lordship of Jesus

Can we all understand the Bible alike?

The law and the gospel

The Lord's day or the sabbath?

The wise man and the foolish man

Why does God require obedience?

Saved by baptism

As a man thinks - so is he

Are you ashamed of the gospel?

God is Spirit - John 4:24

Calling on the name of the Lord

The blessings of faith

When faith is under fire (Encouragement from 1 Peter)



The righteousness of God

Assurance of salvation

The joy of salvation

Falling from grace

Is the conscience a safe guide?

New Testament Conversions

The Godhead, one or three?

The Holy Spirit

The Doctor's orders

You know

Born-again Christian

The Bible doctrine of the soul

A new creature

The Christian race

Glorify God in this name (The God-given name)

The Lord's supper

There is a time to live and a time to die

Where are the dead?

A message from the dead

The resurrection and the judgment

What does the Bible teach about hell?

Glorifying God through unity

Law and expediency

Grace, law, love, faith and works

Vain religion

Idolatrous worship

Great is Diana of the Ephesians

Creature worship

Conviction or convenience

Does it make any difference?

Forsaking the fundamentals

God's landmarks of the Bible

Broken homes and handicapped children

Sinner by birth or choice

Hereditary total depravity

Foreordination and predestination

The second coming of Christ

The rapture


Errors of premillennialism

God is not mocked

Consequences of modernism

The occult (Astrology, Spiritualism, Demon Possession, Satanism, Witchcraft and Re-incarnation)


Is it right or wrong?

What is Christianity?

Father and home

Mother and home

Digitized by Chuck Richardson and Roy Davison

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